A little sip of Italy in a pistachio liqueur

By Joe Gray, Tribune Newspapers

Sturm had the liqueur developed by distilling experts near him around¬†Louisville, Ky., then found a family-owned producer in Sicily, where the pistachios are sourced. They infuse ground pistachios into Italian molasses alcohol, instead of a neutral spirit base more commonly used in liqueurs. “That gives the feel, the richness,” Sturm says. The drink boasts five vanillas, including Madagascar, to create a more complex drink.

The result, a lingering flavor that we can see pairing with dessert, perhaps a biscotti or dark chocolate tart, the nuttiness playing off the bittersweet. We could even see incorporating it into a dessert, such as creme brulee or zabaglione (an Italian custard), as Sturm suggests.

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