Americans Crave Craft Spirits as Interest Fades in Common Brands

Distillers of craft spirits are on the rise

Dumante Craft Spirits
Owner & founder, Howard Sturm inspecting Dumante Verdenoce

News of distillers of craft spirits gaining strong footing in the liquor industry is buzzing again in food & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville. In the latest article “Americans Grow Thirstier for Craft Spirits” by blogger, Megan Feil, evidence supporting the popularity of craft spirits is brought to light with a closer look at Food Republic’s, “American Craft Spirits by the Numbers”.

“There were 24 distilleries in 2000 and 234 in 2011. Over 1,000 are projected to be producing liquor in the next ten years. Already, the “thirstiest” state, New Hampshire, consumed 4.38 gallons of pure alcohol.”

According to Feil’s research, there are 250,000 proof gallons that make up the annual output for a craft distiller. Although there is evidence to suggest that millions of Americans have their irreplaceable favorite, like we saw with the Maker’s Mark frenzy this past month, Feil’s research

proves that consumers are willing to move outside their comfort zones every once in a while in search of something new, like Dumante Verdenoce for example. With the abundance of craft distilleries popping up all over the United States, that search won’t last long and will open up endless taste opportunities. Try the Dumante Sicilian Manhattan; the pinnacle of artisanal style utilizing Verdenoce (craft spirit), blood orange bitters and bourbon.

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