Be Your Own Savvy Mixologist with Distinctive Ingredients

Nuanced Flavors Premium LiqueurAccording to an article titled, “Bartenders Desire More Nuanced Taste in Cocktails” bartenders across America are looking for some extra oomph in their cocktail creations. Megan Feil of Gourmet De Ville examined a photo slideshow by Serious Eats that examined what ingredients bartenders would like to see more in cocktails. The responses ranged from, “fresh squeezed juices and homemade syrups and bitters with less common answers like egg whites and pepper.”

Restaurants and bars with distinctive ingredients are popping up all over the United States as the bartenders and consumers are becoming more taste savvy. Although some of the bartenders quoted in Feil’s article suggest cognacs or vermouth as an ingredient to be cherished, Feil believes simply relying on a cognac or vermouth won’t be enough to satisfy an innovative mixologist. “…no bartender wants to limit themselves to simply adding cognac or vermouth. Many bartenders are seeking completely innovative ingredients like new premium liqueurs.” is proud to offer several cocktails with more nuanced tastes to help any home mixologist stay on track with the industry trends.

  • Van’s Dumante Fizz: This cocktail was created by Vann Zarr of Bluestem Restaurant in Kansas City and includes ingredients like cane rum and egg whites. The ingredients although more rare, are very much worth the effort to obtain as this creation will push past the limitations set by standard cocktail staples.
  • Pistachio Peach: Created by Tim Laird, this fruity concoction uses more of the standard ingredients with one very summer inspired exception. Pure peach nectar adds a familiar yet surprising taste profile that is sure to satisfy every flavor thrill seeker.
  • Kentucky Karma: In this Kentucky inspired cocktail you will find cardamom syrup. Cardamom is native to southern India and adds a mixture of sweet and savory tastes. Again, although a little more effort is in order to find cardamom syrup, you won’t be disappointed.

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