Candid Interview with Dumante Founder, Howard Sturm Reveals BIG Surprise!

Howard Sturm
Dumante founder, Howard Sturm poses with a bottle of Dumante Verdenoce

In a recent interview with Gourmet De Ville, Louisville attorney & Dumante founder, Howard Sturm gave some of his insights into the spirits industry and even revealed some big surprises in store for Dumante fans in 2013! The first clue offered to readers can be seen by Gourmet’s first question, “What is your favorite cocktail?” Dumante Verdenoce was meant to be sipped and savored; an idea enabled by the Kentucky bourbon culture, which Sturm quickly credits for his love of the Dumante Sicilian Manhattan.

“It’s Dumante with bourbon, blood orange bitters and orange zest. It’s a Manhattan with an Italian flair…I live in Louisville and I’m a bourbon guy, so that’s my favorite.”

Gourmet continues by asking Mr. Sturm what he predicts for 2013 by looking at overlapping trends from last year as well as what role bartenders and mixologists will play in the months to come. Sturm summarizes a new culture where complex flavors and quality ingredients take center stage in place of quick shooters.

“…the mixologists, the bar chefs and the bartenders – are definitely looking for new flavors and for quality, for a unique taste and ingredients…The best liqueurs usually add a little bit of unusual flavor.”

Sturm adds that bartenders, mixologists and chefs play a huge role in Dumante’s success as they influence the industry. Sturm credits the current digital age for access to the newest trends and hottest items on the market, as any bartender or chef can access the internet in search for the newest flavor or ingredient. “Today everything is your favorite mixologist’s site, or restaurant site, or bartender’s site, or lifestyle publication. We design all of our products to be of interest to these people. We’re making something terrific and we’re trying to get them to notice it.”

To review, Sturm has highlighted the need for quality ingredients, unique flavor and exposure to the bar and restaurant scene as bartenders and chefs are looking for something spectacular to keep up with the more refined preferences of consumers. This leads us to the BIG surprise revealed in Gourmet De Ville’s interview!

We understand you will be adding new liqueurs to the Dumante line in 2013.

“That’s right. The first will be Dumante Espresso Liqueur and it will be very special. In Italy they have what’s called a pasticceria. It’s a shop where they make fresh pastries and they also make espresso all day long. The espresso is part of the building, it’s in the walls, and you get that sweet yeasty pastry smell as well. It’s wonderful! This is the taste that you’re going to get with Dumante Espresso Liqueur. It’s an authentic, high-end clean espresso taste and presence. Plus it has a few other surprises that we think the bartenders will enjoy too.
We also have plans for five or six additional products in 2013. We will have an amaretto, a sambuca, a limoncello and a couple of very specialized products. It will be a full Italian line.”

Keep an eye out for the brand new Dumante Espresso Liqueur! The exciting debut will take place right here at as well as on our social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

Read the entire interview here at Gourmet De Ville.

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