Carroll Wine & Spirits Gives the 411 on Craft Spirits in the Liquor Industry

Get the low-down on Craft Spirits: Carroll Wine & Spirits sits down for an exclusive interview with Gourmet De Ville’s, Jasmine Ashton.

Carroll Wine and Craft SpiritsIn Gourmet De Ville’s recent article, “Carroll Wine and Spirits Shares Industry Insights from a Distributors Perspective” Jasmine Ashton sat down with Carroll Wine & Spirits co-owner, Michel Pascal and VP of Sales & Marketing, John Soltan for an in-depth look into the shift from mass produced wine & spirits to the craft distillers.

Carroll Wine & Spirits, as Soltan and Pascal point out, is an Indiana distributor that specializes in, “brick and mortar wineries, not widely offered at the big box level”. This support of the harder to find brands extends to craft spirits like Dumante Verdenoce because Soltan and Pascal recognize the younger demographics are not about loyalty but about experimenting. According to their understanding of the industry, adults up to the age of 35 feel more connected to craft spirits, like Dumante Verdenoce because they can more easily connect with the story behind it.

“Hands on craft spirits with a story mean more to us that anything. Any distilled spirit that is controlled from ground to glass is a huge difference from mass produced computerized robotic brands from the large suppliers,” said Soltan.

The interview got more specific as sights were set on Dumante Verdenoce and why it stood out to Carroll Wine & Spirits.

“Dumante is the perfect premium cordial that fits our portfolio,” Pascal added, ”It is a Luxury brand without competition in the pistachio flavor category. These luxury small brand liqueurs offer the customer the opportunity to create custom drinks, pad their profits and build a reputation for becoming a destination retailer or on premise account.”

Ashton ended her interview with a very nice quote from Soltan and Pascal. “Individualism is an American trait”. This seems to support the idea that tastes are shifting from the mass produced to the labor-intensive dream products.

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