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Dumante Caribbean Bliss Cocktail

Celebrating New Craft Liqueurs

Liqueurs hold a special place in the heart of distillers The spirits industry exists as a family where new creations are a …

craft coffee on Dumante Espresso Liqueur

The Artistry of Craft Coffee

Coffee Isn’t Just a Drink; It’s a Ritual. Despite the American stereotypes about coffeehouses being filled with poetry loving hipsters, the craft …

Verdenoce Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Verdenoce Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Adapted from The Boston Globe: Pistachio-Lime Shortbread Shortbread cookies although delicious are quite delicate and can be tricky. Food & spirits blog, …

Pistachio Hot Chocolate

Vegan Pistachio Hot Chocolate

Substitute your milk with homemade pistachio nut milk Food & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville found a recipe that is sure to …

Dumante Sicilian Manhattan

The Sicilian Manhattan Spices Things Up

The Sicilian Manhattan, one of Dumante Verdenoce’s most popular cocktail creations was officially introduced to the restaurant scene at Louisville’s popular Jeff …

Dumante Verdanoce Liqueur held a Ladies Night Out on June 10 at Selena’s at Willow Lake Tavern in Anchorage.  The vibe on the patio was energetic as ladies enjoyed some new and refreshing concoctions made with the delicious pistachio liqueur.

→ December 13, 2012

Dumante Verdenoce Contest

On October 25th, 2010, Dumante hosted a special culinary contest at Kendall College. A $1,000 scholarship was awarded to the culinary student …

Dumantoddy in Evansville Living

Our Dumantoddy recipe was featured in Evansville Living! …In place of honey, Dumante adds sweetness and a roundness that you only taste …

Dumante con Frutti

Dumante con Frutti – Spiaggia

Nightclub & Bar had a Dumante recipe in their “Spring Awakening” article! Dumante con Frutti – Spiaggia ¾ ounce Dumante 1½ ounces Ketel Citroen …

Recently, flavored liqueurs have regained popularity with consumers after years of sitting on shelves. Some of the classic Italian varieties include Frangelico and Amaretto, but until recently there has not been space for an ultra-premium Italian nut cordial. Enter Dumante Verdenoce, launched in 2007.

Howard Sturm, Dumante brand owner who lives in Louisville, KY, decided to take advantage of living in the “Bourbon Belt” to try his hand at crafting the first-ever ultra-premium pistachio Italian liqueur: Dumante Verdenoce. Says Sturm, “My market research showed me that no one had really done this before, and my passion drove me to create the first-to-market pistachio liqueur.”

→ December 13, 2012

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