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Filetto di Vitello al Pistachio

Siena Cucina in Rhode Island presents the Filetto di Vitello al Pistachio. This incredibly enticing tender veal is stuffed with pistachios, prosciutto, …

Dumante Verdenoce Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita or “the sweet life” is the perfect after dinner dream.  The pistachio flavor of Dumante is elegantly paired with a …

Aristocratic Lobster Mac & Cheese

Aristocratic Lobster Mac & Cheese

Makes 4 servings Ingredients 1 pound Gemelli Pasta (Tube Shape Pasta 2 pound, Whole Maine Lobster, Steamed, claws and tail removed from …

Pistachio Dumante Zabaglione

Pistachio Dumante Zabaglione

Pistachio Dumante Zabaglione Warm “Italian Wine Custard” Summer Berries & Pistachio The Dumante Zabaglione with Summer Berries is a confection to compliment …

Pollo con Risotto Zucca

Siena Cucina in Rhode Island Ingredients: ½ cup        Dumante Pistachio Liquore ¼ cup        Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ cup       …

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