Celebrate National Pistachio Day with Dumante Verdenoce

Celebrate National Pistachio Day on January 26th!

Did you know that it takes seven to ten years for a pistachio tree to grow before harvest? According to an article by Gourmet de Ville titled, “National Pistachio Day Calls for Savory Dumante Verdenoce” celebration of the little green nut and its decade long journey starts on January 26 (there are some who suggest the actual National Pistachio Day occurs on February 26, in which Gourmet de Ville responds, “Sure! We will celebrate both”)!

“We suggest taking the day, or both, as an opportunity to shamelessly imbibe. Dumante Verdenoce is handcrafted in small batches with a natural pistachio infusion, with other nut flavors and natural ingredients. It is the perfect way to honor the delectable pistachio, and food and drink recipes involving Dumante Verdenoce liqueur are offered on the company Web site.”

Dumante.com has many recipes available to help you celebrate National Pistachio Day including The Italian Manhattan with Dumante Verdenoce, maraschino cherry juice and sweet vermouth. To prove you are in the mood to celebrate, try rimming the glass with crushed pistachio nuts! You could also try a Pistachio Peach, which includes Dumante Verdenoce, Kentucky bourbon, peach nectar and lemon!

We sure hope you will join Gourmet de Ville by choosing Dumante for your National Pistachio Day celebration! Because, who doesn’t LOVE pistachios?!

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