Celebrating New Craft Liqueurs

Liqueurs hold a special place in the heart of distillers

Dumante Caribbean Bliss Cocktail
The Dumante Caribbean Bliss

The spirits industry exists as a family where new creations are a product of the ancestors that came before them. Like a child, each new liqueur is unique and its sometimes unexpected potential may only arise with nurturing. Recent Gourmet De Ville article, “In Celebration of Traditional and New Craft Liqueurs” the distiller takes on the role of creator in a long line of family members.

“In his imaginative mythology, vodka is the father, gin the mother, and whiskeys the aging relatives.”

Blogger, Cynthia Murrell says it’s the uncertainty present in the nurturing of a new liqueur that makes the end result so incredible and she even mentions Dumante Verdenoce as her favorite in a new breed of craft liqueurs.

“My personal favorites are those derived from nuts, like amarettos, hazelnut liqueurs, and especially Dumante Verdenoce‘s pistachio triumph.”

A triumph it surely is; Dumante Verdenoce is made with craft ingredients including real Sicilian pistachios and natural vanilla. History would shove liqueurs into the medicinal category as concoctions meant to, ease pain and heal wounds according to Murrell, who also states the evolving culture is still medicinal in terms of a perfectly prescribed cocktail at the end of a hard day. Dumante Verdenoce is a new breed of craft liqueur that Murrell says challenges our expectations.

Try the Dumante Dolce Vita as a simple yet vivacious craft cocktail (anything but medicinal).

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