Chefs and Foodies Everywhere are Nuts for Pistachio Desserts

Dumante Pistachio Desserts
Photo Courtesy of GourmetdeVille

According to the article, “Pistachio Desserts a Highlighted Trend in Food Industry” on GourmetdeVille, the pistachio nut is causing quite a craze in American kitchens as recipes are plentiful and bloggers are buzzing. GourmetdeVille quoted “53 Amazing Pistachio Desserts” from the popular blog, BuzzFeed where pistachio desserts such as Pistachio Mexican Wedding Cookies and Pistachio Muffins were credited with causing euphoria.

The bloggers at GourmetdeVille added Dumante to the pistachio hype, which we thought to be very apropos not just because we eat, sleep and breath everything Dumante but because Dumante Verdenoce is becoming a go-to ingredient for chefs and foodies. Owner and founder, Howard Sturm mentions in Gourmet’s article that the inspiration for his pistachio-infused artisan spirit, “came from a combination of his love for Italy and the favorite ice cream flavor of his childhood.”

Sturm is quick to point out that Dumante Verdenoce has become a welcomed ingredient in many kitchens across the United States for one reason not pointed out in the original article. Once the alcohol is burned out, the molasses-base liqueur adds a rich and lingering flavor that cannot be achieved as easily with a standard grain-base spirit making Dumante the perfect addition to nut inspired desserts. Evidence can be found in popular restaurants like Volare Ristorante in Louisville, KY where the Dumante Ricotta Pie is sometimes served as a dessert special. Creamy ricotta and Dumante are perfectly married to created an Italian spin-off on the classic cheesecake allowing for a very dynamic flavor profile.

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