Chicago Tribune Talks Dumante Pistachio Liqueur

Chicago Tribune Gives the 411 on Dumante Verdenoce, the First Italian Pistachio Liqueur

DUMANTE pistachio liqueurDumante owner and founder, Howard Sturm sat down with Joe Gray of the Chicago Tribune to discuss Dumante Verdenoce, an Italian liqueur made of pistachios in article, “Pistachio Liqueur: The green-toned nut makes its way into liqueur”. Sturm discusses how Verdenoce was inspired by Howard Johnson’s pistachio ice cream and how the finished product was to have the nose and depth of a fine cognac. The Chicago Tribune sampled Dumante Verdenoce and had this to say:

“…at first delivers a scent like amaretto or marzipan, but then a distinctly pistachio aroma with hints of honey. It tastes of pistachio and vanilla, with a lighter texture than some liqueurs. A sweetness is there, but definitely held in check by the rich nut flavor.”

Gray notes the plethora of popular nut-based liqueurs and how Italy in particular is known for homemade liqueurs in the common household. Dumante Verdenoce is reminiscent of Italy, as Gray eloquently states: “Or just sipping as we contemplate the three-legged figure etched into the back of the outsize perfume bottle of a container — a Sicilian fertility symbol, driving home that, though we may not be in Italy, we can pretend.”

Read the entire Chicago Tribune Article, “Pistachio Liqueur”

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