Chocolate Covered Artisan Spirits are Delicious Success

Pistachio Chocolates
Pistachio Chocolates made by Chef Eddy Van Damme

If you’re as crazy for chocolate as I am then you know the difference between a mass produced candy bar and a premium grade confectionery masterpiece. As we have discussed many times on, craft spirits are making waves in the nightlight scene as many chefs and bartenders are looking for high quality ingredients for evolving taste preferences. Luckily for confection lovers everywhere, high quality liqueurs are making their way into the hands of master chocolatiers. According to a recent Gourmet De Ville article, “Premium Grade Products Seen as Ticket to Success” master chocolatiers from NYC are combining award winning handmade truffles with top-shelf liqueurs.

“The combination of artisan chocolates and top shelf liqueurs could not be more likely to happen than in today’s climate where artisan spirits reign. The demand is rising for craft products of all kinds and fusions just seem that much more exciting.”

Dumante Verdenoce is no stranger to the world of infused truffles as we have enjoyed truffles fused with Dumante Verdenoce made by Louisville based, Cellar Door Chocolates. Although the recipe from Cellar Door Chocolates remains a tasty secret, we have another from Chef Eddy Van Damme called Pistachio Chocolates that is ready for you to make today. Recipe is available right here at!

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