Craft Spirits are the Hidden Treasures of Multibillion-Dollar Industry

In a recent article by Gourmet De Ville titled, “Craft Spirits Hit the Bars” distillers of craft spirits face a difficult journey from creation to distribution in an industry dominated by a few key players. Gourmet referenced an article titled, “Next Bar Craze: Craft Spirits?” where Philadelphia

Liquor Industry
“Liquor stores are already dealing with a lack of space for new products”

distillers of craft spirits recognize their liquors respond to a shift in preference towards artisan products. Despite the changing culture, distillers of artisan spirits “account for less than 1 percent of the multi-billion dollar liquor industry and produce less than 65,000 proof gallons per year.”

Dumante Verdenoce has become a sought after brand specifically because it is the one and only pistachio liqueur available in the United States. Dumante exists in a niche of small boutique distillers that, (as mentioned earlier) accounts for less than one percent of the industry. Dumante COO & Executive Vice President of Sales, Jim Dahl says of the industry,

“Distributors and liquor stores are apprehensive to deal with single brand suppliers simply because they can do more business with 3 well known brands versus 50 small ones, even if niche brands are becoming more popular. Liquor stores are already dealing with a lack of space for new products and if their customers are not asking for a specific product like Dumante, they won’t carry it.  Dumante is hoping to combat these issues by adding more products like Dumante Espresso Liqueur and others to the line.”

The writers at Gourmet De Ville end their article beautifully by saying, “Despite the odds, these new spirit makers have bright and big hopes for their futures. Bar patrons and alcohol connoisseurs enjoy and pride themselves on finding hidden treasures.” They also give Dumante Verdenoce a special shout-out by saying we are a pleasant addition to the craft spirit craze!

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