Craft Spirits like Italian Liqueurs Break the Norm

Consumers are interested in specialty spirits, like those from Dumante

Hot ToddyThe weather outside is still frightful even though we are all highly anticipating the warm months ahead. A chilly day does provide one positive outcome and that is a warm cocktail made with a delicious craft spirit. In a recent article titled, “Consumers Seek Specialty Spirits that Break Norms” by blogger, Megan Feil of Gourmet De Ville, the idea of the re-invented Hot Toddy using more unique products comes into play in the typically cold Chicago spirits scene. Feil references a recent Examiner “test kitchen” review where,

“Recipes were volunteered by five regional craft distilleries and cocktails used local ingredients…hot alcoholic beverages show a move towards even more variance away from the typical cocktails and beers consumed by the majority of Americans.”

Basically, the shift can be seen with the re-invention of the classics Americans have enjoyed for years, such as the Hot Toddy mentioned in Feil’s article. Dumante Verdenoce has its own version of the Hot Toddy, which seems to fit into Feil’s idea that, “people are interested in finding products that break away from the norm” to create their own spin-offs on classic concoctions. With the cold weather sticking around longer than we would like, the Dumante Hot Toddy is something that can absolutely take the edge off the cold winter chill.

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