Dolce Vita

Dumante Verdenoce Dolce VitaDolce Vita or “the sweet life” is the perfect after dinner dream.  The pistachio flavor of Dumante is elegantly paired with a delectable creaminess provided by the Irish cream liqueur and topped off by a hint of sweet raspberry.  Enjoy and savor a long luscious finish that can only be possible with Dumante Verdenoce Pistachio Liqueur.

Recipe created by Chef Agostino Gabriele at the renowned Vincenzo’s Italian Restaurant in Louisville, KY. Please visit their website at


  • 1 ½ part Dumante Verdenoce
  • 1 ½ part Irish Cream liqueur
  • ¼ part Chambord Liqueur

Shake ingredients with ice, strain and serve in a cordial glass

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