Dumante Verdenoce; a Craft Liqueur for Culinary Creation

Dumante Culinary Students
Sullivan Culinary Students pose with Dumante Verdenoce during scholarship contest

Dumante Verdenoce Italian Liqueur made from real pistachios infused in a molasses-base liqueur adds flavor to culinary concoctions that is rich, bold and unforgettable. As referenced in Gourmet de Ville’s article, “Using Craft Liqueurs in the Kitchen Creates Complex Culinary Creations” using liqueurs and other craft spirits in your cooking can broaden your culinary horizon by providing unique flavors difficult to find elsewhere.

“Added to any dish in the right quantity at the right time, spirits can enhance the flavor of any food. Soon you’ll start to think of liquors and spirits as extensions of the spices and herbs in your spice rack: simple sources of flavor for your cooking. So many of these beverages are distilled from botanicals and organic material that they are nearly spices themselves.”

Gourmet de Ville says it best by mentioning that the addition of craft spirits to a recipe is an easy way to enchant foodies everywhere. “Finding new and exciting purposes for staples in the home [like] spirits-infused culinary creations continues to enchant people to add even more flair to your fare.” This becomes evident when visiting popular establishments where Dumante Verdenoce is being used more and more in menu items like Volare Ristorante’s Dumante French Toast or the sautéed chicken with Dumante glaze. Both recipes can be found right here at Dumante.com!

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