Dumante Verdenoce Drizzled on Cupcakes Delivers Impressive Flavor

Amy's Pistachio Cupcakes
Amy’s Pistachio Cupcakes – Try a drizzle of Dumante Verdenoce on top!

Let’s be honest; not everyone enjoys baking but we all enjoy the outcome, which is a delicious and moist treat to stimulate the senses. Every once in a while we all crave a boxed cake mix, quick-bake cookies and croissants from a tube. When you are craving something delicious and easy to boot, boxed cupcakes are the way to go. The food and spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville has surprised readers with another recipe from blogger Amy of She Wears Many Hats, which consisted of box cake mix, instant pistachio pudding and white chocolate. Michael Cole of Gourmet De Ville writes in his article, “Simple Pistachio Cupcakes Deliver Impressive Presentation and Flavor” that Amy’s pistachio cupcakes are an easy treat to impress family and friends.

The pistachio pudding is what makes this recipe SO DELICIOUS as it adds moisture to the cupcakes. Cole suggests adding a little oomph with a drizzle of Dumante Pistachio Liqueur. Although these cupcakes will no longer be kid friendly, we have to say the result is simply divine.

“ to add a more refined flavor to the cupcakes, create a simple liqueur syrup with a pistachio infused artisan liqueur, like Dumante Verdenoce, and drizzle it over the cupcakes before frosting them. The flavor and aroma added by the syrup tastes wonderful.”

If you are a true pastry chef at heart you can obviously make this your own with made from scratch cake and pudding topped with Dumante Verdenoce Pistachio Liqueur. Verdenoce is perfect for drizzling over any dessert you like. Thanks to Michael Cole for reigniting the Dumante dessert craze!

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