Dumante Verdenoce Encourages Savoring & Celebration of Unique Flavors

verdenoce martini
Dumante Verdenoce is a celebration of unique flavors

According to a recent article featured on food & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville complex liqueurs stand above all competition and are often overlooked in a sea of sweet liquor options. The article, “Unique Liqueurs Invite the Celebration of Flavors” blogger, Andrea Hayden focuses on the complexity of Dumante Verdenoce and how it can be beautifully paired with Kentucky bourbon. Hayden references Washington Post article, “A Liquor Named Root”, which details the experience of picking up a liqueur that was almost forgotten.

“…and after sipping it, I realized that what I really had in my hands was an honest-to-goodness American amaro. With that in mind, I began to experiment.”

Dumante Verdenoce is the perfect liqueur for experimenting as it can be paired with a multitude of different spirits including bourbon, gin, vodka, champagne, rum, juices and more. The only thing we would like to mention is that Hayden’s article calls Verdenoce an Italian-inspired American made craft liqueur when in fact, Dumante Verdenoce is an Italian liqueur, 100%. That being said, we agree with Hayden that Verdenoce is something to be celebrated.

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