Dumante Verdenoce Paired with Chocolate Mousse? Yes, Please!

Verdenoce and Chocolate
Pair chocolate desserts with a Cafe Dumante: Dumante Verdenoce and your favorite coffee!

Blogger, Megan Feil of Gourmet De Ville left our mouths watering this morning with her latest article, “Irresistibility Factor of Chocolate Mousse Cakes Magnified with Dumante Verdenoce”. Feil referenced a chocolate mousse cake from Best Winning Food Blog nominee, Cannelle et Vanille which brilliantly paired ingredients including “chocolate genoise soaked in a kirsch syrup, with pistachio and chocolate mousse.” Recipe here.

The recipe created by Cannelle at Vanille leaves no room for improvement as Feil correctly points out. She is quick to mention however, that this won’t stop her from picking the perfect liqueur to pair with it.

“This particular mousse cake recipe has enough complexity within the cake, syrup and mousse, so we would not want to disrupt any of the intended flavors or consistency. However, this kind of dessert simply begs to be paired with an artisan liqueur like Dumante Verdenoce.”

As demonstrated by many of our cocktail and dessert recipes, Dumante Verdenoce paired with chocolate is a sensual experience. We have several of our own chocolaty recipes made with Verdenoce, yet enjoy any opportunity to pair our Italian liqueur with a new culinary creation.  We also suggest a Cafe Dumante to go with any dessert, especially this one!

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