Dumante Verdenoce & Pistachio Fudge

Mixing it up with pistachio liqueur and nuts!

Verdenoce Pistachio Fudge
Photo Courtesy of Gourmet De Ville

Thanks to blogger, Laura Abrahamsen of Gourmet De Ville, we now have a delicious twist on some amazing fudge. In Abrahamsen’s article, “Mixing Up Fudge with Liqueur and Nuts” readers get a glimpse into an amazing recipe for what was originally Irish cream liqueur & pistachio fudge by food blog, ButterYum: A Tasty Little Food Blog (ButterYum’s version was a spin-off of a recipe found on Eat Good 4 Life). According to Abrahamsen,

“the goal is to boost the nutritional content of traditional recipes while still allowing for indulgence. Putting anti-oxidant filled nuts in your fudge counts, doesn’t it? “

Abrahamsen’s mind immediately begins to create ways to make her own version of this delicious treat by saying the base concept can be easily modified to fit a variety of different tastes and preferences. She suggests substituting the white chocolate chips called for in ButterYum’s recipe with dark chocolate or perhaps toasting the pistachios for a new and exciting addition of flavor. She ends her article by saying if you really want to amplify the pistachio flavor (who wouldn’t?) then try adding Dumante Verdenoce in place of the Irish cream liqueur. Dumante Verdenoce is made with real Sicilian pistachios from the slopes of Mt. Etna. See the recipe below and start indulging a little more luxuriously.

Dumante Verdenoce & Pistachio Fudge

A spinoff of Irish Cream & Pistachio Fudge by ButterYum


  • 36 oz. chocolate chips (any kind you prefer)
  • 1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 6 Tblsp Dumante Verdenoce Pistachio Liqueur
  • 1/3 cup chopped pistachios (*Toast for extra boost)


  • Line a 9×9 baking pan with aluminum foil; grease with butter
  • In a sauce pan over low heat, combine the first chocolate chips, condensed milk, and Dumante Verdenoce Pistachio Liqueur and stir constantly until completely combined.
  • Remove from heat and add pistachios
  • Pour into 9×9 lined pan and chill until desired consistency is reached

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