Dumante Verdenoce Teaches Consumers to Expect the Unexpected

Mixologist Stephen Dennison
Bartender, Stephen Dennison is Mixing Dumante

Consumers are looking for hand-crafted liqueurs with artisanal appeal as 2013 is expected to be all about full flavor and unique tastes. Dumante Verdenoce hits the mark according to standards related in a recent Gourmet De Ville article, “2013 Beverages Expected to Be Full of Flavor and Unique.”.

The article quotes a SupplySide Beverages Insights story:

”From retail trends to fine dining, quality is all the rage – especially behind the bar…Expect the unexpected: Creative new flavor experiences will become the norm rather than the exception.”

Although Dumante was not mentioned in the SupplySide Beverage Insights article, the Gourmet De Ville story reminds readers about the growing interest in artisanal liqueurs. Dumante Verdenoce’s own craft spirit pleases customers seeking a unique taste experience. Verdenoce provides a long-lasting flavor profile due to quality ingredients such as molasses-base liqueur infused with real pistachios from southern Italy and five natural vanilla flavors. The art-glass decanter bottle is hand crafted in order to provide a beautiful presentation that is rarely seen elsewhere.

Bar professionals prioritize finding ingredients that will shine. “Juices, bitters, mixers, flavorings and purees are but a handful of the latest standouts.” Dumante Verdenoce features several recipes that continue to live up to the high standards of the best bartenders and mixologists around the country such as the Sicilian Manhattan with premium Kentucky bourbon, blood-orange bitters and Dumante Verdenoce.

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