Farm-to-Table: The Artisanal Craft of Culinary Trends

Local ingredients in culinary cuisine & craft spirits are becoming the new standard for fine dining

Chef Josh Moore of Volare
Chef Joshua Moore of Volare Ristorante on his KY farm where many of Volare’s ingredients are grown.

Importance placed on locally sourced ingredients can be seen across the United States from Louisville, Kentucky’s Louisville Original’s scene, like Volare Ristorante & Ramsi’s Café on the World (both serve Verdenoce I might add) to the San Francisco Bay Area. According to a recent article by food & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville (“Restaurants Source Local Ingredients to Match Caliber of Culinary Artisanship”), many restaurants don’t take the time to advertise their locally grown ingredients because consumers already expect it. Gourmet’s article highlights Bay Area restaurants with roof-top sources including gardens, beehives and chicken coops. I find it surprising something like this wouldn’t be more heavily advertised considering it is pretty amazing this can be achieved on the top of a city sky line.

“all of these establishments mark a larger emphasis on quality and a push from consumers towards those offerings.”

Gourmet De Ville makes a fabulous comment about Dumante Verdenoce fitting into this new expected category of high quality craft ingredients. “Similarly, we are seeing the beverage world follow suit. Premium spirits like Dumante Verdenoce made from real Sicilian pistachios are popping up left and right.” There is no denying that locally and seasonally sourced ingredients, especially gardens that are organically grown, provide better taste and better health. Dumante Verdenoce uses all natural ingredients with real pistachios from the slopes of Mt. Etna. So, take a trip to your favorite farm-to-table restaurant and pair your meal with a Verdenoce cocktail!

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