Flavorman Shares Insights on the Passion of Dumante

Flavorman CEO & Founder, Dave Dafoe sits down for an interview with Gourmet De Ville about the creation of Dumante

Dave Dafoe Flavorman Dumante
Photo courtesy of Gourmet De Ville

Gourmet De Ville’s writer & spirits enthusiast, Jasmine Ashton sat down with the CEO & founder of Flavorman, Dave Dafoe to discuss the not-so-nutty idea behind Dumante Verdenoce & up-and-coming Dumante Handcrafted Espresso Liqueur! According to the article, “Flavorman Explains the Method Behind Dumante Product FormationFlavorman has been in business for over 20 years and has worked with over 600 beverage companies in development and launch of their brands. Ashton begins the interview by honing in on Dumante Verdenoce and what about it stood out from the crowd.

“The extraction of the pistachios was the most difficult part. The process of removing the oils to get out the flavoring components has to be very precise…this was the most unusual production in terms of the approach that Howard took. He insisted on being part of the production process in the lab. So we had to give him the individual flavoring components that he could adjust. We’ve never done this with anyone else.”

Dumante owner and founder, Howard Sturm didn’t just stop with Verdenoce as another product is waiting to hit the shelves. This, according to Dafoe was created for an audience of consumers who are now more willing to try new things. Dumante Handcrafted Espresso Liqueur has some surprises in store that really set it aside from other espresso liqueurs on the market.

“Whereas Verdenoce is the only pistachio liqueur, there are hundreds of other coffee and espresso liqueurs out there, so Howard had a better idea of what he was looking for. Since Espresso was to be a clear liqueur, all of the flavoring and ingredients had to be colorless…Mixability was a big concern for Howard. He wanted it to look crisp and clean and to be able to keep the original color of the other ingredients when it was mixed.”

Ashton beautifully concludes with another aspect of the Dumante brand that really allows it to prosper. Although Sturm does not have a spirits industry background, says Ashton, he does have a sincere love for all things Italian, which helps to distinguish Dumante in an, “unforgiving industry”. Read the entire interview with Louisville Flavorman here.

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