Forget the Glass; Freeze Your Verdenoce This Summer

Since Spring is apparently MIA, artisan spirits like Dumante Verdenoce can help turn down the summer heat

artisan liqueur  popsicles
Photo Courtesy of Gourmet De Ville

For some reason Spring has decided to take an early vacation leaving us to bake in 90 degree weather. Luckily, food & spirits blog Gourmet De Ville came across an idea that made the heat a little more bearable in their recent article, “Boozy Popsicles Help Break the Heat”. Forget drinking your mint julep says Jasmine Ashton of Gourmet De Ville, try licking it instead!

“It’s pretty good in even in a crappy apartment in the city…As when making any type of boozy pop, pour lightly, because alcohol makes the pops really fragile.

Ashton recommends fruits, simple syrup or whatever you like as the main ingredients with just a dash of your favorite artisan spirit. has a plethora of delicious cocktails such as the Dumante con Frutti where the additional liquor can be omitted in favor of more pineapple and orange juice. Who doesn’t like getting creative when trying to decide what to put in their spiked popsicle?! Cheers!

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