Higher Quality Ingredients Shove Verdenoce into Artisanal Spotlight

Dumante Bottles in Production 2Artisan usually refers to food & cooking as blogger Philip West of Gourmet De Ville states in his December article, “Artisanal Products Can Mean Better Ingredients and be Better for You”. Artisan refers to an attention to ingredients and “old fashioned methods of preparation”, which can also be better for your health. West refers to a Nutrition Unplugged blog post that confirms the rising trend in artisanal products by saying people are on, “a quest for exciting new flavors”. West takes the idea of artisanal products out of food and culinary craft and instead focuses on artisan spirits (Dumante Verdenoce to be exact).

“When it comes to small-batch, desirable attributes in a product, one worth looking at is Dumante Verdenoce.”

Verdenoce was created with an intense attention to detail by owner and founder, Howard Sturm. Sturm seems to fit the profile of someone who “treats production as a craft and gives great attention to detail” as is highlighted in West’s article. Dumante Verdenoce is made with real pistachios from southern Italy, which are infused in an Italian molasses-base liqueur. The product boasts five vanillas, which West correctly points out, “creates a more complex drink”. If you are interested in finding out more about Dumante Verdenoce and its artisanal upbringing, check out our video “Dumante: Learning the Art of Being the Little Guy”.

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