Influential Females Make Cocktail History

Food & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville looks at the late 1800’s in cocktail culture

Ada Coleman mixes cocktail
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The latest in bar culture consists of elegantly mixed cocktails and fabulous photography meant to go viral. Gourmet De Ville looks at one of the key players responsible for a movement in craft creations that is only becoming stronger. In Michael Cole’s recent article, “A Look at Classic Cocktail Culture” 19th century bartender, Ada Coleman is noted as one of the first influential bartenders in history (referenced from a article, “Masters of Mixology: Ada Coleman”).

“I remember it was a Manhattan that I made first, and that it was Fisher, the wine butler, who gave me my first lesson,’…Coley indeed left her mark through the invention of her most famous cocktail, the Hanky Panky.”

According to Cole’s article, the Hanky Panky (the first drink to use fernet branca bitters) became her mark made on cocktail culture. Cole concludes by saying that there is an abundance of new artisan liqueurs (Dumante Verdenoce for example) and craft ingredients to help create cocktails meant only for those who will take the time to appreciate them. Dumante Verdenoce’s mark in cocktail culture was made with the creation of the Sicilian Manhattan; a twist on the classic Manhattan utilizing Kentucky bourbon, blood orange bitters and of course, Dumante Verdenoce.

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