Italian Liqueur Makes Life a Little Sweeter

Dumante Verdenoce Dessert
Try adding Dumante Verdenoce to angel food cake or sponge cake for a twist to a classic confection.

If you are a farmer’s market fan you may be craving those summer flavors not available this time of year. One writer at Gourmet De Ville certainly had enough of winter inspired culinary creations and was thinking of something with a citrus twist.

“About half way through every winter, I begin to crave fresh produce and fruit, leading to fantasies about tangy desserts and sweet mixed drinks.” – “The Sweet Life of Italian Liqueurs

NPR’s , “Have Your Limoncello and Eat it Too” was quoted by Gourmet De Ville in which the writer detailed some amazing ways to use the Italian liqueur in desserts resulting in a nice twist to an otherwise predictable recipe. Examples of less traditional desserts made with Italian liqueurs included three of Dumante Verdenoce’s favorites: The Pistachio Zabaione, Spumoni Cake and La Dolce Vita; all are made with Dumante Verdenoce. Dumante Verdenoce is the one and only pistachio liqueur available in the United States and allows for a very unique flavor in desserts due to its molasses-base liqueur.

The Pistachio Zabaione was a holiday inspired confection although the light and boozy custard can easily evolve to fit your summer inspired cravings by adding seasonal berries. Writers at Gourmet De Ville called this dessert, “simple and intoxicating”.

The Dumante Spumoni Cake is light and spongy meaning it will soak in the delicious flavor of Verdenoce. The aroma of the pistachio liqueur, “escapes and enhances the flavor of the cake overall.”

Last but certainly not least is the Dumante La Dolce Vita. This creamy cocktail was created by Chef Agostino Gabriele of Vinccenzo’s Italian Restaurant in Louisville, KY. The ingredients are simple yet allow for an experience you will want to savor slowly.

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