Louisville, Kentucky Becoming THE Place for Foodies & Craft Spirits

Kentucky for Dumante
Louisville Kentucky is the haven for foodies and lovers of craft spirits!

Writers at Gourmet de Ville have taken notice of Kentucky’s flair for the buy-local movement with some insights on what kind of artisan products you can expect to get from the Bluegrass state. Kentucky is known for its bourbon distilleries with popular attractions like the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The state is also becoming known for the farm-to-table trend as farmer’s markets are popping up in neighborhoods everywhere.

“From beer cheese to chocolates and all-natural meat and egg products, central Kentucky offers a unique variety of trending food products… An emphasis of hand crafted products with artisanal appeal continues to be a growing trend in the beverage industry. The same goes for using locally-sourced products and high-quality ingredients in food and beverage production” – Central Kentucky Food and Beverage Products worth Noting

Kentucky is also home to some wineries, beer breweries and some of the country’s best restaurants as Louisville, KY has been nominated several times for The South’s Tastiest Towns in Southern Living Magazine. Gourmet de Ville ends their article by saying, “Outside of central Kentucky, we have also noticed that Louisville is emerging as a foodie haven.” We at Dumante Verdenoce couldn’t agree more as Dumante was founded in Louisville, KY!  Dumante Verdenoce can be found at various Louisville restaurants looking for artisan spirits including Morton’s, Jeff Ruby’s, Volare, Ramsi’s Cafe on the World and many more.

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