Mt. Etna, The Home of Verdenoce Pistachios, Sees First Big Eruption of 2013

The eruption of Mt. Etna, the home of many crops including pistachios, could be seen from space!

Mt. Etna
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Dumante Verdenoce is the first pistachio liqueur to market in the United States and although its roots are planted in Louisville, KY, the actual product is produced and bottled in southern Italy using real pistachios from the slopes of active volcano, Mt. Etna. The volcano, standing 10,922 ft. high, has become a source of pride and wonder to locals living around it according to Telegraph’s Travel Blog, “Mount Etna: a gastronomic journey around Sicily’s ancient mountain of fire”.

“I asked Marina whether she felt nervous about living so close to an active volcano. ‘Of course not; it’s bellissimo, so appealing, so magnetic,’ she replied with a flourish. ‘Don’t you know that the first thing every person in Catania turns to in the morning is not the sea but Etna?”

Mt Etna Eruption from Space Dumante
Photo courtesy of NASA

According to the article, locals consider the mountain to be a diva whose eruptions occur only when she wants them to. The most recent eruption occurred in February, 2013 and was captured by the Advanced Land Imager or ALI on the Earth Observing -1 or EO-1 satellite, which showed incredible images of high spewing lava surrounded by plentiful vegetation that greatly benefits from the mineral-rich volcanic soil. Many crops call the volcano home including, apples, plums, pears, almonds and pistachios.

“Etna’s great height (lots of snow-water), with the magical added ingredient of mineral-rich volcanic soil (lots of potassium and phosphorous) combined to produce a cornucopia of local goodies.”

Dumante Verdenoce utilizes craft ingredients like Mt. Etna’s pistachios for a taste sensation like no other. Try pairing your Dumante Verdenoce with a warm cup of coffee or Italian espresso for an experience truly worth calling, “bellissimo!”

Take a look at the video below of Etna’s latest eruption!

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