Pistachio Chocolates

Chocolate PistachiosRecipe courtesy of Chef Eddy from the Eddy Van Damme Website.
Visit this blog for Chef Eddy’s notes on this recipe as well as many other delicious sweet creations including pastries and desserts.

Chef Eddy’s Pistachio Chocolate recipe is, according to Gourmet De Ville’s, “Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day with Homemade Chocolates” is a “relatively straightforward recipe with nothing too tricky or technical in store for novice confectioners.”  The blog contends that Chef Eddy’s chocolates are the perfect idea for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day!  Most of the ingredients featured in this recipe can be easily found at your local market.  If Dumante Verdenoce is not yet available in your city, it can be purchased on Amazon.com.


  • 350 g  Heavy cream     12 oz
  • 225 g  Pistachios (non salted)     7.5 oz
  • pinch Fleur de sel
  • 60 g  Invert sugar     2 oz
  • 700 g White chocolate, small pieces     24 oz
  • 60 g Dumante pistachio Liqueur     2 oz
  • As needed Semis sweet chocolate for enrobing


  1. In a saucepan bring to boil cream, pistachios, fleur de sel and invert sugar.  Remove from heat and pour into a well made blender. Mix until very smooth paste is obtained. Add Dumante pistachio liqueur.
  2. Remove from blender and stir in chocolate. If part of chocolate refuses to melt completely, place bowl for 5-10 seconds at a time in microwave oven.
  3. Pour pistachio ganache between confectionary rulers.
  4. Allow crystallizing for 18-24 hours slightly below 20°C (70°F).  Do NOT refrigerate at this stage as doing so will encourage mold and bacteria growth. (When ganache is removed from a refrigerator condensation will form on the surface, the condensation will be trapped when ganache is dipped in tempered chocolate. It is exactly in that area where mold and bacteria start to grow.)
  5. Cut in desired size and enrobe in tempered dark chocolate. Decorate with pistachios



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