Pistachio Orgeat or Verdenoce; Pistachios are the Secret to Great Cocktails

Orgeat is the new talk of the wine & spirits crowd as it is suggested to be the secret to a perfect nutty cocktail. Food and spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville outlines a liquor.com article that expands orgeat past its traditional almond roots. In, “Pistachio Infused Orgeats and Liqueurs Fill Glasses All Over the Country”, blogger Megan Feil learns that orgeats can be made with any nut and that pairing an orgeat with a brown spirit is best, especially in the colder months. Liquor.com specifically mentions peanut, walnut and pistachio orgeat as the ingredient that adds extra sophistication to mixtures.

Dumante pistachiosFeil was quick to mention that pistachio liqueurs, like Dumante Verdenoce could, “add that same sweet nutty tinge and up the alcohol to boot.” Some chef’s say orgeat would be a little much for cocktails and claim it is best utilized in baking. Dumante Verdenoce could be added in place of pistachio orgeat (although I love to bake with both), in cocktail creations that call for a little more oomph. Dumante Verdenoce is made with real pistachios from southern Italy and a molasses-base liqueur allowing for a long and complex finish.

The discussion on orgeat can lead me to one undeniable truth. Bartenders, mixologists and chefs everywhere are upping the ante with nuts, especially pistachios. Browse the dessert recipes made with Dumante Verdenoce on our website!

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