Pistachio Party: Dumante Verdenoce Introduces Ultra-Premium Italian Pistachio Liqueur

Pistachio Party
Dumante Verdenoce Introduces  Ultra-Premium Italian Pistachio Liqueur

by Cara McIlwaine

Recently, flavored liqueurs have regained popularity with consumers after years of sitting on shelves. Some of the classic Italian varieties include Frangelico and Amaretto, but until recently there has not been space for an ultra-premium Italian nut cordial. Enter Dumante Verdenoce, launched in 2007.

Howard Sturm, Dumante brand owner who lives in Louisville, KY, decided to take advantage of living in the “Bourbon Belt” to try his hand at crafting the first-ever ultra-premium pistachio Italian liqueur: Dumante Verdenoce. Says Sturm, “My market research showed me that no one had really done this before, and my passion drove me to create the first-to-market pistachio liqueur.”

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