Pistachios Could Help Improve What?! Surprising Facts About America’s Forgotten Nut

The Huffington Post shines a new light on pistachios; the nut we always seem to forget

PistachiosThe Huffington Posts’s, Anneli Rufus’ recent article, “Why Do We Always Forget About Pistachios” takes a very interesting look at the pistachio and why you should no longer forget to include it in your shopping list. We all know pistachios, along with other nuts can help to boost overall health including reducing a risk of lung cancer, boost antioxidants and may improve erectile dysfunction. As Rufus hilariously puts it, “They’re the nuts for nuts. The nut nuts”. According to research presented in the article (International Journal of Impotence Research):

“17 men with erectile dysfunction were gauged both before and after they spent three weeks eating 100 grams of pistachios daily. And hallelujah.”

Despite all of the health benefits pistachios can provide, the article asserts that when most Americans are asked to list five nuts, pistachios would likely not make the list. Peanuts, despite being beans, not nuts usually make the list followed by almonds. Almonds, Rufus states have millions more dollars behind them for marketing purposes than pistachios do, despite a significant growth in production within the last few years.

“…with over 550 million pounds harvested and 65 percent of that harvest destined for overseas export — “it’s still a very young industry.”

Other internet sources are taking notice of the pistachio growth including Gourmet De Ville; an article I covered here on Dumante.com on March 5th, 2013, which noted the United States as the new leader in pistachio production. The Huffington Post article ends with some inspiration on how to use pistachios in various recipes of all kinds, considering it fits perfectly in both savory and sweet dishes. The article left out one important detail, which was, of course, pistachio craft spirits, like Dumante Verdenoce. Verdenoce is made with real Sicilian pistachios infused in a molasses-base liqueur. Needless to say, we haven’t and never will forget the pistachio.

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