Pistachios Go Gangnam Style for Super Bowl 2013

PSY doing Gangnam Style for Pistachios

The pistachio got some mad love for the 2013 Super Bowl as popular Korean artist, PSY was, “cracking Gangnam Style”; Everyone at Dumante Verdenoce was excited to see our favorite nut getting some much deserved attention. The hilarious commercial/parody (see video below) showed PSY doing his highly popular galloping like moves with dancers dressed in huge pistachio costumes. Lyrics include, “Cracking Gangnam Style…hey, crack your nuts now, crack, crack, crack, crack pistachios!” The commercial has people buzzing including blogger, Laura Abrahamsen of Gourmet De Ville in her article, “Pistachios Go Gangnam” who said of the video,

“The galloping dance moves, the catchy electronic rhythm—they’re all there. In the ad, PSY is joined by a chorus of faceless dancing pistachios in the shell; mercifully, their choreography does not require all the moves of the original.”

Abrahamsen went on to give Dumante Verdenoce a very friendly shout-out by saying pistachio’s hardly need PSY’s influence to maintain their popularity among Americans as recipes and products like Dumante Verdenoce infused with real Sicilian pistachios are creeping to the top of everyone’s shopping lists. If you are a true raw pistachio fan, Dumante.com suggests rimming your martini glass with crushed pistachios before enjoying your favorite Verdenoce cocktail, like the Dumante Artisan made with Dumante Verdenoce and vanilla vodka. Crack, crack, crack, crack pistachios!


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