Pistachios Make Everything Better

Enhance your recipes by adding pistachios!

pistachiosFood & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville is getting a little nutty with talk of adding pistachios to your favorite recipes and dishes as a way to add some really unforgettable flavors. In their recent article, “Recipes Starring Pistachios Wow”, recipes such as pistachio muffins and pistachio mayonnaise are mentioned as just a couple of examples featuring the little green nut.

“…the pistachio mayonnaise as a dressing for a pasta salad set my mouth watering.”

This particular recipe was featured in Australia’s Weekly Times Now, where Gourmet De Ville got their inspiration for what may be the best idea in mayonnaise history. The original recipe contains all of the original ingredients including extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon and the must have ingredient, ground pistachios. As if this wasn’t intriguing enough, Gourmet De Ville suggests adding a dash of Dumante Verdenoce with the lemon juice to add even more intense pistachio flavor.

“A teaspoon of Dumante Verdenoce Pistachio Liqueur along with the lemon juice would add even more pistachio flavor to this unique dressing.”

I could see this as a stunningly good dip for summer cookouts or as Gourmet’s article suggests, as a wonderful dressing for a field green salad. Whatever you do, always remember, pistachios make everything better!

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