Popular Pistachios Setting World-Wide Records

Production of pistachios at an all time high: Time for more Dumante Verdenoce!

Pistachios on a tree
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

According to a recent ABC News report referenced by food and spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville (“Supply and Demand for Pistachios Surges Worldwide”), we have already seen an annual record and could see a global record in pistachio production, which Gourmet credits with a “more nuanced palate in consumer’s culinary tastes”. Pistachios naturally grow in Syria, Turkey, Greece and Italy however the United States, according to Gourmet De Ville is leading the way with nearly all pistachio crops coming from California.

“The U.S.D.A. expected demand for American pistachios to increase in China, Hong Kong, and Europe…It is no wonder that pistachios are being produced in record numbers. We are seeing a more nuanced palate in consumer’s culinary tastes and pistachios are becoming an increasingly more sought after ingredient in the kitchen.”

An earlier Gourmet De Ville article reported Iran, a major pistachio exporter was halting production for six months due to domestic inflation. Interesting to see the reported surge in production from the United States has not stalled the record. Lucky for Dumante Verdenoce lovers everywhere, rimming your martini glass with crushed pistachios will always be an option.

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