Romantic Desserts Made More Steamy with Artisan Liqueurs

Get Past the Cliché Heart-Shaped Cake and Make Something to Awaken the Passion

Pistachio Chocolate Tart - 10th Kitchen
Photo from 10th Kitchen

Looking for some inspiration for your next anniversary surprise? Or maybe you are planning a sweet proposal at the end of a romantic homemade meal. According to a recent Gourmet De Ville article, the regular, “heart shaped sweets” won’t cut it anymore when looking to impress that special someone. Megan Feil’s recent article, “Pairing Artisan Liqueurs with Quirky Desserts Adds Flair” details a delicious Pistachio Chocolate Tart with Potato Chip Crust as a sweet/salty alternative to traditional desserts.

“No one will deny that offbeat and innovative ideas like creating a dessert out of pistachios, chips and chocolate add a touch a personal flair, similar to that of choosing an artisan liqueur, such as Dumante in this particular case, to pair with the dessert.”

We were thrilled to see Feil thinking of Dumante Verdenoce as an extra ingredient to this incredible looking confection considering the chopped pistachios on the top. Dumante Verdenoce paired with chocolate is like a sensual encounter with the one you love; every sense is involved and the moment is meant to be savored. This is why Dumante Verdenoce would be the perfect yet trendy addition to the chocolate filling. As the creator of this amazing recipe says, “I’ll admit: trends can be delicious, too.”  If you’re not a fan of spiked desserts, then pair with a glass of Verdenoce and get ready to surrender to your senses.  Get 10th’s Kitchen Pistachio Chocolate Tart Recipe.

Keep in mind that Dumante Verdenoce is perfect for baking and can be added to almost any favorite dessert.

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