Sauce Magazine – “A Cordial Encounter”

Dumante was featured in an article on Sauce Magazine’s website! Here’s a quote:

Dumante Verdenoce is a luxurious pistachio liqueur that arrived in these parts in early 2010. Dumante COO Luca Bianconcini explained that while an extract is oftentimes used to make liqueurs, Dumante is “a true infusion of pistachios made from the finest pistachios and five different types of vanilla, including Madagascar vanilla.” Another unique aspect, noted Bianconcini, is that the alcohol is derived from Italian molasses instead of a neutral grain spirit such as vodka, thus lending a full flavor and round finish. “And there is half the amount of sugars that most cordials contain. It is naturally flavored, so we don’t have to add a bunch of sugar,” he said.

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