Saucy Chef Beauchamp in New Tell-All Interview

Chef Beauchamp, the creator of Dumante Pistachio Fruitcake Cookies gets shares the Foodgasm with Gourmet De Ville

Chef Beauchamp Dumante Food for many is a sensual experience with the ability to heighten pleasure, relieve stress or provide reasons to visit with friends and family. In this new tell-all interview, Chef Beauchamp shares his insights on a part of the culinary world not shown on television. Jasmine Ashton of Gourmet De Ville follows Beauchamp from his humble beginnings in the kitchen to his fun yet racy Facebook fan following in her recent article, “Beau Beauchamp Puts the Funky in Foodgasm”.

Beauchamp began his career at a young age thanks to his father/restaurant owner who put him to work as a dishwasher in the kitchen. His endeavors continued with an education from Johnson & Wales University followed by a move to Kentucky where an introduction to Facebook opened up a new possibility to share his passion for all things culinary.

“I was introduced to Facebook by my daughter and after joining and emailing a few chef friends back home, I had 5000 followers. So I started a fan page and got 50,000 fans. After 8 months I crossed 100,000. I found that more and more people were wanting recipes and people were requesting that I write. So I started writing pamphlets and books. In the process people wanted me to plan menus for them.”

With several books under his belt, Chef Beauchamp isn’t afraid to show off a more saucy side, which he claims helped build his hefty yet loyal fan following.

“A lot of what I do on the Facebook page, including the pinups, came accidentally. Some of my followers happened to be pin up girls from Katy Texas. They started taking pictures of themselves with food and sending them to me. My fan count tripled after I started incorporating these pictures.”

Chef Beauchamp is the creator of the Dumante Pistachio Fruitcake Cookies, which were the product of a new found love for pistachio liqueur. He was introduced to Verdenoce in late 2012 and within the day had created some of the most delicious cookies we had ever tried.

“Dumante Verdenoce Liqueur has a great bouquet, is smooth, and has a fantastic nutty finish! The best part is on your breath you can taste the pistachios. This is the best new liqueur I have tried in years!” says Beauchamp of Verdenoce.

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