Shaken or Stirred, Gourmet de Ville Weighs in on Cocktail Creation

Martini Glass

Writers at Gourmet de Ville took a look at what’s behind the shaking of a tumbler when creating the perfect cocktail in their article, “Stirring is Out of the Question But the Focus Lies on How to Shake Properly”. Does the shaking require a certain amount of time or rhythm, or is the little dance just for show? Gourmet de Ville focused on NPR’s The Salt blog article, “Between a Rumba and a Roll: Dissecting a Bartender’s Beat”, which quoted several bartenders who divulged their favorite ways to shake up a cocktail, even swearing their technique guarantees a more thoroughly combined result and a pleasant ambiance for bar-goers. Gourmet de Ville weighs in by saying,

”The rhythm of the bartender’s shake is a contested subject still. Some think rhythm is key to distributing ingredients evenly and others believe the same results are achieved without attention to repetitious rhythm.”

Louisville bartender, Lindsay Franzen of Seviche, A Latin Restaurant claims stirring should not be taken out of the equation as certain creations call for certain methods.

”Shaking depends on what type of ingredients you are dealing with. An experienced bartender working with citrus juices in the drink for example, should be able to tell when they are over shaking a drink by the way the ice sounds in a shaker. Typically the drinks should be stirred if all the ingredients consist of booze, like a Dumante martini.”

Gourmet de Ville closes the conversation the best by saying the ongoing debate about the best way to prepare a cocktail is another sign of evolving craft using high quality ingredients such as artisan liqueurs like Dumante Verdenoce. We at Dumante Verdenoce are pleased with the recognition and couldn’t agree more!

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