Sicilian Cocktail Packs a Summer Punch

After dinner drinks are done right when the Dumante Sicilian Cocktail is served under the summer moon.

Sicilian CocktailFood & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville takes a look at some fruity concoctions as the trend in cocktails are turning in anticipation of those warm summer nights. In Michael Cole’s recent article, “Unique Artisan Cocktails from Craft Liqueurs”, the highlighted cocktail is the Beretta Pamplemousse, which Cole says, “is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth”.

The cocktail packs an array of fruity additions like grapefruit and some craft spirits such as elderflower liqueur. Cole adds that a fruity cocktail can provide the drinker with delicate yet exquisite flavors, yet sometimes these cocktails don’t pack the punch he looks for.

“This Sicilian cocktail recipe brings both the flavor and the strength I look for in after dinner drink. The recipe features a pistachio infused artisan liqueur paired off with Southern Comfort that makes for a pleasant, yet potent, cocktail.”

Cole is, of course, referring to the luscious Dumante Sicilian Cocktail, which is a bit on the lighter side, satisfying the need for a drink to take the edge off the hot weather, yet proves to be more potent (as Cole puts it). The recipe for the Sicilian Cocktail can be found right here, on!

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