The Artistry of Craft Coffee

Coffee Isn’t Just a Drink; It’s a Ritual.

craft coffee on Dumante Espresso LiqueurDespite the American stereotypes about coffeehouses being filled with poetry loving hipsters, the craft behind the popular drink requires incredible skill and dedication. In a recent Gourmet De Ville article titled, “Craft Coffee Roasters Achieve Artistry” the art of roasting is examined followed by a look at coffee’s historical ability to bring us closer together.

“The documentary describes the nuance of the sense required to roast a perfect blend and the labor that goes into the production of a cup of coffee from start to finish. Most importantly however, it attempts to show that coffee culture is at its best when it becomes an almost intimate connection.” (Specialty Coffee: The Pursuit of Deliciousness)

Historically, coffeehouses were meeting grounds for intellectual discourse and social exchange and replaced the common tavern for many communities partly due to the invention of the Italian espresso machine in 1901. Gourmet De Ville states that knowing your coffee and the roasters can help change your perspective on a culture we typically take for granted. Dumante’s up-and-coming product, Dumante Handcrafted Espresso Liqueur was created with these coffeehouses in mind and only adds to a culture of rich and vibrant traditions.

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