The Ideal Festival: Taste of Innovation 2010

The Ideal Festival: Taste of Innovation 2010

by Stephen Dennison

The Taste of Innovation, held in Louisville, Kentucky at the landmark Galt House Hotel, has become a wonderful venue for local cocktailians and culinarians to showcase some of their more adventurous concepts to the general public. It is one of the premier events at the Idea Festival and this year attracted 500+ of the area’s inquisitive.

I was on hand, representing Dumante Verdenoce. Dumante is a pistachio liqueur artisanally produced in Italy with a blend of five types of vanilla. Deep, strong and unrepentant, it was created originally to accompany a cigar at the end of the meal; a super premium nut liqueur, indeed. I was pleased to showcase the spirit’s mixability- it’s willingness to play with others, so to speak.


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