The Sicilian Manhattan Spices Things Up

Dumante Sicilian Manhattan
The Dumante Verdenoce Sicilian Manhattan

The Sicilian Manhattan, one of Dumante Verdenoce’s most popular cocktail creations was officially introduced to the restaurant scene at Louisville’s popular Jeff Ruby’s restaurant back in 2009. The cocktail was a successful attempt to try and spice up the traditional and some say tired Manhattan and gave connoisseurs the sense of culinary adventure they were seeking. Restaurant comments on the makeover of the Manhattan by saying, “One creative variation on a Manhattan is to substitute another type of aperitif for the vermouth. Another option includes adding a splash or two of a liqueur”. By replacing the vermouth with Dumante, the flavor profile changed resulting in a Manhattan that was exciting and bold. According to a recent article featured on Gourmet de Ville titled, “Pistachio Liqueur Adds Irresistibility Factor to the Manhattan”, one restaurant’s attempt to spice up the Manhattan fell short due to more classic ingredient choices including Amaretto, raspberry liqueur and hazelnut liqueur.

We can see typical chain written all over this place. Catering to the masses and a less adventurous crowd, their liqueur options for doing a creative Manhattan would simply involve more classic options. We have seen the makings of a new classic in Dumante Verdenoce; the natural aroma of pistachios adds an irresistible appeal.

We couldn’t agree more as Dumante Verdenoce is anything but conventional with real pistachios infused in a molasses base liqueur, Verdenoce as an artisan craft spirit adds something to the Manhattan that people find irresistible. The recipe for the Sicilian Manhattan can be found by following the link.

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