Vegan Pistachio Hot Chocolate

Substitute your milk with homemade pistachio nut milk

Pistachio Hot ChocolateFood & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville found a recipe that is sure to satisfy all of the vegans across the country, especially those in the Midwest who are experiencing fickle weather. As Laura Abrahamsen hilariously states in her article, “Dairy Free Pistachio Hot Chocolate”,

“The weather may be different where you are, but right now we are contending with the crazy Jekyll-and-Hyde changeability that is late winter/early spring in the Midwest. One day it’s 65 F and the runners and cyclists are out in force; after a day of rain, it’s snowing again and we’re all huddled inside with blankets and hot drinks.”

The recipe, as Abrahamsen puts it is perfect for the “spring” weather and utilizes some ingredients you may have never tried before. Not everyone wants to live the vegan lifestyle and despite the obvious health and environmental benefits, trying this recipe due to a desire to experiment with new flavors is a must. The recipe comes from Jennifer Farley of on Savory Simple who reminds readers that the pistachio milk from her recipe can be substituted with any nut you prefer.

“Pistachio milk is wonderful by itself with or without the cardamom. Use it in smoothies, cereal, even coffee. Or heat it up, throw in some cocoa and a few other ingredients and voila: pistachio cardamom hot chocolate.”

Abrahamsen suggests a new ingredient be added to this recipe, which is Dumante Verdenoce. We thought this to be quite apropos considering Verdenoce pairs perfectly with winter chill killing cocktails including the Dumante Hot Toddy and Café Dumante. Get the recipe “Pistachio & Cardamom Hot Chocolate” and be sure to add a shot of Dumante to enhance the pistachio flavor.

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