Verdenoce in the Spotlight at DrinkUpNY

Dumante Verdenoce’s Exclusive Review by Online Retailer, DrinkUpNY!

DrinkUpNY DumanteDrinkUpNY, a licensed wine and spirits store based in Brooklyn, New York has an amazing online inventory of hard to find spirits, including Dumante Verdenoce. DrinkUpNY shares the Dumante story in their 2012 article, “Spotlight on Dumante Verdenoce” with an exclusive interview with owner and founder, Howard Sturm and his business partner, Paul Paletti. Sturm shares why he thinks Louisville, KY was the ideal place to begin the quest to make the first ultra-premium pistachio liqueur.

“Sturm and his business partner, Paul Paletti, feel that living in Louisville gave them an advantage. ‘With lots of industry professionals in the area, it helped us to procure talent to help realize our goal,’ he says.”

The article covers the core of this pistachio liqueur by telling readers a little bit about the molasses-base liqueur. Dumante Verdenoce originally included a neutral grain spirit but as Sturm recounts, “something was lacking from the final product”. DrinkUpNY accurately points out that the molasses-base liqueur makes Verdenoce more authentically Italian and allows the final product to contain much less sugar.

Visit the DrinkUpNY website to read the entire review and purchase a bottle of Dumante Verdenoce. Italian passion; Italian Luxury; Dumante Verdenoce!

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