Verdenoce Inspires Italian Passion, Luxury and Tradition

Italian Craft Liqueur’s Traditional Beginning

Traditional Italy
“Verdenoce stands out as the pinnacle of Italian passion and luxury”

The evidence of the growing craft liquor craze can be seen with the emergence of craft beer breweries and craft liqueur distilleries all over the United States. According to a January article titled, “Some Italian Liqueurs Recall Medicinal Traditions Others Call to Mind Italian Passion and Luxury” by Gourmet De Ville blogger, Megan Feil, people are enrolling in informative classes to learn how to drink these new flavors. Feil refers to a particular class in Asheville, North Carolina where students learn true Italian liqueurs are much more steeped in tradition.

“According to the description of the class, focused on Italian liqueurs such as Mistra and Genepi, many were used traditionally for medicinal reasons…In the old days no household was without an assortment of cherished and perfected recipes from which each cook obtained delicious liqueurs using alcohol, spices, nuts, fresh fruits and herbs.”

Feil graciously mentions Dumante Verdenoce as a testament to Italian tradition because it utilizes hand picked ingredients and great attention to detail. Verdenoce provides a sense of luxury, passion and nostalgia for any true Italian liqueur connoisseur.

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