Warm Summer Nights with a Cold Dumante Cocktail

Versatility & mixability is what makes Verdenoce the perfect summer cocktail addition.

summer cocktailCynthia Murrell of Gourmet De Ville has summer cocktails on her mind and with the blazing heat already coming down on the Midwest, we definitely agree it’s time for the summer evening BBQ’s and Verdenoce cocktails. In her recent article, “Summer Cocktails For Your Next Party” Murrell takes a look at “Cocktails for Summer Entertaining” by the Vancouver Sun, which claims to go with what you know when creating a summer cocktail to beat the heat.

“A good summer cocktail must be simple to assemble, and preferably from memory. It must be sweet and refreshing…”

After a long day at work, says Murrell, you want something that is quick and enjoyable. Luckily Dumante.com has several easy to assemble cocktails that will quickly become your new summer staple. Our iconic Sicilian Manhattan is a wonderful mixture of Verdenoce, bourbon and orange bitters over ice; pair it with a Dumante Cigar and a lawn chair for some serious relaxation. If you like a cocktail that embraces the summer fruits, try the Dumante Cosmo. This nutty twist on a girls night out classic is easy to make at home yet flaunts sophistication and passion. For the craft bartender or self-taught craft guru, the Dumojito is your go-to cocktail to take the edge off the heat. Cynthia Murrell ends her article perfectly by saying, “Check them out, and bring a little iced indulgence to the sweltering season.”

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