Would You Like Coffee on Your Steak?

Surprisingly enough, coffee may be what your meat sauce is missing!

coffee and meat sauce dumante 2We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Dumante Espresso Liqueur, so in the meantime here is a pretty cool idea using coffee brought to you by food & spirits blog, Gourmet De Ville. In his recent article, “Coffee Offers Complexity to Familiar Flavor Profiles”, blogger, Michael Cole discusses how coffee may have been the ingredient missing from your famous meat sauce.

“For anyone that enjoys a nice and hearty pasta dish, it is well worth taking a trip to your local coffee shop and picking up your favorite roast to try this hearty meat sauce recipe.”

The recipe Cole is referring to is featured in The Edible Communities article, “A Dash of Wine or Beer Can Lift a Recipe to Extraordinary” where a typical meat sauce is transformed into something closer to a beef stew. The coffee, according to the article, “adds a complexity to the sauce that I now find I want in almost all tomato sauces”. Coffee, as I am learning is a go-to ingredient for meat rubs and sauces including sauce for flank steak, lamb with minted coffee sauce (yum), and sauce for chicken breast as it intensifies the flavor of the meat.

Cole ends with a friendly reminder to those who, “like to keep your coffee off of your plate” that there are many craft liqueurs now available that feature espresso flavors. Keep your eye right here on Dumante.com for the special release of Dumante Espresso Liqueur!

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